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I will be responsive and personable, and treat every project as if it were my personal property. All of my work is guaranteed to your satisfaction. If something wasn’t completed to your liking, I will come out and make it right, at the highest priority, no questions asked. Coming from a hospitality background, you can be sure of one thing: I truly care about people. I am responsive to calls and have excellent communication skills. Rest assured that when you pick up the phone to call me, you will not have to call anyone else.


Hi! I’m Woody Bubar, Owner and Operator of Rapid Home Services. I decided a few years back to step away from stable, gainful employment to start a business I am passionate about. This evolved from a desire for the freedom to do what I really love in life, working in and being outdoors and helping homeowners achieve a better living environment. This is the foundation of why I love assisting homeowners with regular household maintenance: so that you can spend more time doing what you love, instead of doing chores on your days off.  I now bring over 20 years of hospitality and personal touch to a business I love.

Whether preparing your home for a sale, or just conducting routine maintenance, let me be the first and last stop for any home services you may need. Communication and reliability are key and are the #1 complaint of homeowners regarding service providers. I will not be that guy!

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Spend more time doing what you love, instead of doing chores on your days off.