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Make the window cleaning process rapid and worry free! When it comes to window cleaning, our services are top notch and satisfaction guaranteed.


Rest assured that when you pick up the phone to call us, you will not have to call anyone else.

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Why Should You Have Your Windows and Screens Cleaned by a Professional?

Maintain healthy air quality

The buildup of dust and other materials on your windows and screens can result in poor air quality. If there is a buildup of mold in particular, your health may be at risk. Mold can threaten the health of your family. Long-term exposure can inflame allergies and lead to issues with the respiratory system. The cleaning of windows and screens can freshen up stagnant air surprisingly well.

Professional Window Cleaning Rapid Home Services Denver
Clean Windows is Happiness


The buildup of particles, like minerals in water, dust blown onto the windows, etcetera, can degrade the integrity of your glass windows over time. The particles enter the pores in the glass and effectively speed corrosion of the windows. An unmaintained window will start to develop small scratches and cracks, and will eventually the structure of the glass with erode leaving you with the need to replace the window completely. Having your windows cleaned by a professional will slow this degradation, giving your windows far more longevity.


We all know that Colorado can be super cold during certain months, but also super sunny! Take advantage of that 300+ days of sunshine, and put it to use heating your home. A buildup of dirt, dust, and other particles can reduce the clarity of a window and even become absorbed by the window’s pores. All of this buildup reflects the sun’s rays and robs your home of the sun’s energy. This not only looks dirty can cost you over time on your heating costs.

Provide a More Enjoyable View and Improve the Atmosphere and Image of Your Home

Enjoying the view through your window is not just vanity, it is directly related to your well being. Whether your view is a magnificent ocean or a modest yard, a clear, clean window is always more pleasant to look through than a dirty, dusty screen. For property owners who are in the process of selling their home, clean windows are a subtle but powerful sign of a well kept home.
If you are one of thousands who entertain guests, understand that cleaner windows help make a great impression on your friends and colleagues. The same goes with a place of business. If you are claiming attention to detail and care for your customers, little details like clean windows and window sills goes a long way.

Window Cleaning Improves Your Home Atmosphere Rapid Home Services Denver

Our window cleaning services Include

Streak free and spot free window cleaning, done by hand

  • Windows are washed with natural fiber brushes, by hand
  • Squeegee is wiped after each swipe, eliminating any streak potential

Protection of interior surfaces and objects

  • Drop cloths are used on floors and over furniture, when necessary
  • Objects that may need to be moved are meticulously replaced exactly as they were

Hypoallergenic detergent usage

  • No need to worry about being any allergic reactions to detergents
  • No obnoxious smells lingering from detergents
  • We care about the effects of chemicals on the environment and insist on only the cleanest, safest materials

Window sill wiping

  • Because we go above and beyond; we will leave your home in better condition than we found it

Screen cleaning included in quote

  • Because this is where a huge portion of dust buildup occurs; this is an essential aspect of the window cleaning process


Minimum Window Service

A project minimum of $100 is required for service

General Window Pricing

Window cleaning is approximately $5.00 per pane of glass, inside and out; $3.00 per pane outside only

As Your Preferred Window Cleaning Professionals, We Promise To:


  • We understand the time, money and effort that goes into a well kept home


  • Your property will be left cleaner than we found it
  • You will only be left with the results of the cleaning, not anything left for you to clean up


  • Communication and reliability are key and are the #1 complaint of homeowners regarding service providers. We will not be that guy!

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Improve the Quality of Your Living Environment


Our pledge of care is that we will be responsive and personable, and treat every project as if it were our personal property. All of our work is guaranteed to your satisfaction. If something wasn’t completed to your liking, we will come out and make it right, at the highest priority, no questions asked. We are responsive to calls and have excellent communication skills. Rest assured that when you pick up the phone to call us, you will not have to call anyone else.